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(last update: 27th April 2015)

Europa Nostra

Winner of an EU Prize
for Cultural Heritage /
Europa Nostra Awards 2014

Annual general assembly, 16th April 2015

Election of board members, auditors and honorary members, appointment of advisors; new bye-laws. Pls. see About Us.

New book: Gustav Klimt - Atelier Feldmühlgasse 1911-1918

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Klimt Society celebrates at Klimt Villa in Vienna on Sunday 28th September 2014

  • The European Union Prize for Cultural Heritage/Europa Nostra Awards 2014

    The Gustav Klimt Memorial Society was Austria’s winner of one of the 27 EU Prizes for Cultural Heritage / Europa Nostra Awards, presented during a ceremony at Vienna Burgtheater earlier in the year on 5th May.

  • European Heritage Day, Sunday 28th September at Klimt Villa

    To celebrate this prestigious award granted by the European Union and the Cultural Heritage Organisation EUROPA NOSTRA, the Klimt Society hosted a "Local Award Ceremony" on European Heritage Day with free entrance for all visitors to Gustav Klimt's last and only surviving studio at Feldmühlgasse 11, A - 1130 Vienna.

  • NEW Book Presentation: GUSTAV KLIMT- ATELIER FELDMÜHLGASSE 1911-1918

    Klimt’s studio was in a garden cottage. Five years after he died the cottage was transformed into the new-baroque villa. From 1923 until 1939 the owner was Ernestina Werner-Klein. Klimt Society was especially pleased and honoured that Ernestina’s grand-daughter Mrs. Joanna Beck, who lives in London,
    was with us to celebrate this memorable day.

    The new book is volume one in a series "Edition Klimt" edited by Sandra Tretter, Peter Weinhäupl (Klimt-Foundation) and Felizitas Schreier, Georg Becker
    (Klimt-Society). Produced by the Klimt-Foundation, Christian Brandstätter publisher.

    Speakers during the Ceremony on 28th September 2014
    • Alexander Kottulinsky, President of Austrian Castle Association and Council Member of Europa Nostra
    • Eva-Maria Höhle, Chief-of-Conservation (ret.), Austrian Federal Monuments Office and President of Europa Nostra Austria
    • Wilhelm Rasinger, Managing Director of Klimt-Villa Events Ltd
    • Sandra Tretter, Managing Director of Klimt-Foundation
    • Felizitas Schreier, President of Klimt Society who had the privilege of receiving the EU Prize Trophy and Document during the ceremony in Vienna in May.


Klimt Society wins Europa Nostra Award

EU Prize for Cultural Heritage / Europa Nostra Awards 2014

Klimt's Studio open to the public

Gustav Klimt's last studio in the renovated villa at Hietzing (Feldmühlgasse 11, 1130 Wien) was opened on 30th September 2012, European Heritage Day. For more details, opening hours etc. see: www.klimtvilla.at

Restoration of Klimt's Garden

Prof. Herbert Eipeldauer, Senior Partner, Garden and Landscape Co. Ing. Eipeldauer, member of the Klimt Society for many years, supports the Klimt Society goal to restore some of Klimt's colourful garden of blooms and bushes. "Klimt Rose", the original rose-bush from Klimt's time will be enlarged to the shape of rose-bed and various plants and flowering bushes will be planted on the south-side of the building.

Appeal/Petition to the City of Vienna

The Society continues to be vigilant in maintaining its original goal of preserving Klimt’s Studio and Garden for everybody to enjoy, actively building awareness and successfully lobbying against recently proposed change of use for the beautiful garden to building plots for land development immediately next to Klimt Villa!

The Appeal to the City of Vienna (2013) and the Petition to protect the garden spaced around Klimt Villa (Dec. 2013 – March 2014) were successful ! The City passed a majority vote to retain the garden space.