Klimt Studio ΠSociety

33rd regular general assembly

16th April 2015, at Klimt-Foundation, Breite Gasse 4, 1070 Wien;
Election of board members, auditors and honorary members, appointment of advisors. Pls. see About Us.

2014, pls. see German page VEREIN, Archiv.

32nd regular general assembly

25.th March 2014, 18.15h
Bezirksmuseum Hietzing, Am Platz 2, 1130 Wien

Events hosted by the Klimt Society, 2013

25th June 2013, 19.00

„Salonstunde" Gustav Klimt mit allen fünf Sinnen mit Michaela Schlögl und Wilhelm Sinkovicz

18th April 2013, 18:00
31st General Assembly at District Museum Hietzing,
followed by a lecture: Dr. Margareta Vyoral-Tschapka, formerly at Federal Monuments Office "Gustav Klimt: Entwürfe zum Ausstellungsgebäude der Wiener Secession"

Studio Presentations by the Klimt Society, 2000 until 2007

First Studio Presentation, 20th Sept. 2000 - 7th Jan. 2001

Cf. Society Guest Books; more than 4.600 visitors; the exhibition area consists of only one room, Klimt's studio proper.

Second Studio Presentation, 6th April 2001 - April 2005

Cf. Society Guest Books; international visitors in large numbers; the exhibition space is enlarged and covers the studio proper, the rooms where Klimt's models used to stay and the reception room; "East Asian Influences in Klimt's Art" being added as exhibition theme. Details: cf. German homepage, VEREIN, ARCHIV, Zweite Präsentation.

Third Studio Presentation, May 2005 - June 2007

In cooperation with Leopold Museum Privatstiftung, supported by Österreichische Kulturvereinigung (Austrian Cultural Association) a. o. This third presentation, more ambitious and visibly more professionally done than ever before, was highly acclaimed by tourist guides' groups, by visitors from all over the world, esp. Japan, France, Italy, United Kingdom and USA and by numerous event organisations; cf. Society Guest Books. Details: cf. German homepage, VEREIN, ARCHIV, Dritte Präsentation.

The Third Studio Presentation included eleven exhibition panels with themes of Klimt and Klimt's studio at Feldmühlgasse, German, English, with images of Klimt's work and photo documents.

Lebensdaten / Biography; cf. KLIMT, Biography

Der Atelierraum / The Studio; cf. STUDIO, Description of Studio

Das Empfangszimmer / The Reception Room ; cf. STUDIO, Description of Studio

"Nichts sollte weggenommen werden…" / "Nothing should be removed…"; cf. STUDIO, History of Building, The Studio according to Schiele's Wish

Der Garten / The Garden; cf. STUDIO, The Garden

Ateliers und Wohnungen / Studios and Homes; cf. KLIMT, Gustav Klimt's Studios

Eine kurze Baugeschichte / A brief History of the Building; cf. STUDIO, History of Building

Anmerkungen zu Klimts künstlerischer Entwicklung / Observations on Klimt's Development as an Artist; cf. KLIMT, Gustav Klimt about his Art

Klimts Modelle / Klimt's Models, cf. exhibition panel below

Lebensmenschen um Klimt / People in Klimt's Life, cf. exhibition panel below

Ostasiatisches bei Klimt / Klimt and East Asian Art; cf. exhibition panel below

Exhibition Panels