Klimt Studio ΠSociety

Appeal to the City of Vienna

On 10th May 2013 an Appeal was written, signed by three private associations (Klimt Society, Austrian Association for the Care of Monuments and Sites and Initiative for Historic Architecture Conservation),

to retain the status quo of the garden area and present minimal low architectural nature of the buildings in the garden around Klimt Villa. This was explicitly agreed and documented in 1999, when Hietzing District Authority formally acknowledged the re-discovery and evidence of the existence of Klimt's last studio inside Klimt Villa.

Upon invitation to comment on the City Building Authority's new plans for land development, addressed to the residents of the district, Klimt Society wrote another Appeal on 30th Oct. 2013, in support of retaining the garden space around Klimt Villa, strictly arguing against any permits to enlarge building space and building heights. The planning documentation for housing development would ruin the ambiance of Klimt's studio and garden.

Were such permits to be issued the open green space area around Klimt Villa would be destroyed and lost forever. This is incompatible with the 1999 agreement and the emphasis on the cultural, historical, international importance of Klimt's last and only studio and garden. Real estate speculation at Feldmühlgasse 11 must be prevented. The Klimt Society argues for a clear dedication of the whole area to preserve for posterity this unique site of cultural heritage for one of Europe's and the world's most highly regarded painter.